Rogue Slayers
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My name is Faith Lehane, leader of the Rogue Slayers, and while most of you have known me in Eslanian, some of you might already know me by your Watchers –though there are so many slayers these days that I wouldn't be surprised if you don't have one. They must have told you that I was the slayer that went bad, that I was the Rogue Slayer. From a certain point of view that wasn't that far from the truth but anyway, thanks to Angel one can say I'm on the good track again. I have nonetheless kept my ways of slaying and if you have come to this place it is certainly because you want to kick it Faith style!

Now that this little introduction is done you might want to know what this team or clan is all about and what the hell is a Rogue Slayer. This clan is the alternative to the other ones already established such as the one of BladEfast. Unlike others, this one has a little something for every slayer. Whether you can access Adam and take part in race wars or no, this make no difference as there will be other missions for you to perform and to keep you busy with. Moreover, there are no level restriction to be part of the team.

The Rogue Slayers also provide you a training center to help you progress and master your skills in the most efficient way. Still in this training zone, I –but other slayers too– will treat you with tips and tricks to serve your interest. Because Rogue Slayers are that, slayers who don't hesitate to use the dirtiest tricks in the book to serve their own interest however as long as it doesn't harm or penalize other slayers. As a consequence this implies that anything that would make you go as quick as The Flash or immortal is not to be tolerated here...and you would be slain without delay. For more information about what is tolerated and what's not, simply head toward the section entitled The Ways of Faith. Still in the pursuit of their own interest and unlike regular slayers, rogue slayers have no remorse whatsoever in teaming with a vampire or an ouster. Nevertheless, in spite of all this, rogue slayers share an honor code that is to be respected if one doesn't want to be expelled from the clan, this code of conduct can also be found in The Ways of Faith. Role Playing is also encouraged when entering the Rogue Slayers.

This goes without saying that all the info found here, and especially the ones related to the missions section are strictly confidential and should not be shared outside of the clan for the good success of our operations. As a consequence this is why you need to register if you want to have access to three of the most important sections of the Rogue Slayers. If in spite of this one is found divulging some strategic information concerning our missions to come this would result in a ban from the clan.

Enjoy your stay among the Rogue Slayers!

Have Faith!

If you have any question or want to join our clan, contact me at
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